Station wagons: Spacious and spotive luxury

What does the T stand for in this premium class station wagon? To us, it is transport and tourism since the Mercedes-Benz E-Class T-Model is ideal for both. For shopping and other transportation purposes, just fold down the rear seats and expand the luggage space to up to 1.950 liters and 2.80 m in length. You will be amazed at how much can fit in there!

Sporty driveability and high-torque engine versions provide the most enthralling tourist elements and give a lot of driving pleasure even in the smallest version. Very low consumption values mean that the enjoyment will not be too expensive for you. High tracking stability, precise handling and overall high-comfort driving experience are a matter of honour for all vehicles of the AZNUR fleet.

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These statements are examples, and do not form a contractual basis. All AZNUR vehicles are equipped with comprehensive special installations, which may, however, vary from vehicle to vehicle.  

The vehicle actually booked is subject to availability during the booking period. Should the vehicle booked not be available, AZNUR offers you a vehicle of the same or next higher class for which no additional charges are made.

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