Rent A Car: Our Fleet


Enjoy one of our best deals with the BMW 1 series. While it is technically a compact car, it drives like one of the big guns. It is fast, very agile and has a great.

Middle-sized class

In this category AZNUR offers the BMW 3 series. It is known for its high performance and popularity. Please keep our weekend rates in mind.

Station wagons

What does the T stand for in this premium class station wagon? To us, it is transport and tourism since the Mercedes-Benz E-Class T-Model is ideal for both.

Upper middle-sized class

AZNUR welcomes you aboard the business class! For years, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the BMW 5 series have been going head to head.

Luxury class

S-Class means special class. After the first ten meters you already know why. It is the car for governmental guests movie stars and AZNUR customers.


AZNUR welcomes you aboard a very luxurious van and wishes you a pleasant stay for the time of your drive. Please fasten your seatbelt.

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